The mission of the StoryPark editors is to encourage, support, and enhance the literary arts in Asheville.

There’s an extraordinary secret in a nearby park. Visitors – those that are granted entrance – ask for moments in suspended time to find answers to life’s questions.  Ask this of StoryPark: to understand what you need to understand. Call it a place for quiet quest. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity available to only a few. StoryPark will manifest. StoryPark can make the moments of the imagination real.

Read the intro and two of the questors’ stories then send us your story, a quest story, which takes place inside the gates StoryPark. No more than 4000 words.  We’ll review and consider it for the StoryPark anthology.  This anthology will be by Asheville and western North Carolina are writers only.   Please send an email with single attached MSWord doc to truesue (at) gmail with STORYPARK in the subject line. There’s no fee to submit and the deadline for submissions is March 15, 2017.

All essayists will retain the full rights to their own work but must grant us permission without cost to use their words in this publication. Writers of all pieces that are accepted for inclusion will receive full credit for their work in the ebook.

Thank you.


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  1. Very exciting. I look forward to reading the two stories and then having some fun trying to craft my own. I’ll also post this on my blogs, FB and twitter once the stories are up.


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